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צור קשר לקבלת הצעה אטרקטיבית

צור קשר לקבלת הצעה אטרקטיבית


Access Control ideal for, Small/Medium premises, Large corporate premises, Multiple-site

Premises, Government buildings, Universities/Colleges, Sports clubs, Factory and industrial complexes, Car parks, Nursing Homes etc.

The Access Control Module can be integrated with the core TimeLOGWeb Time and Attendance module for a truly effective holistic solution. It is especially useful in a dynamic and ever-expanding access control environment in which readers are added or moved and access definitions constantly change. Define security groups per time zones and date, assigning of access card to each group.

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Key Features

  • A web-based system (with HTTPS)
  • Real time monitoring and updating
  • Integrate other building systems and Visitor Management
  • Off-line, On-line and wire free options
  • Supports unlimited time zones and security groups
  • Connect multiple sites using TPC/IP protocol
  • Access control report suite
  • Supports all electronic gates, doors, turnstiles, barriers and lifts
  • Fire link to fire panel with auto fire report
  • Proximity, Mifare, HID & Biometrics recognition

Dashboard Features

  • Added features within Access Control Setup Screens
  • Added management by Buildings/sites
  • Report added that shows the Expiration dates of Security Groups
  • Additional Items and features added within Access Control Dashboard and Guard Screen

Further, Access Control Dashboard can provide information on employees who have swiped at Mustered points and who have been evacuated of the building during an event of emergency

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Case Study

Repsol Sinopec – Access Control

Repsol Sinopec trusted SYNEL UK for the high level of expertise in the implementation of complex Access Control projects as well as it’s bespoke development capabilities.

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