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Synel Job Costing software & Activity Tracking Solution

Increase your efficiency, benefit from ROI in less than 10 months!  Synel Job Costing software & Activity Tracking Solution

  • Create Projects, cost centres and activities
  • Gain a real time insight into time spent on task activities and projects
  • Analyse productive and non-productive time
  • Export Job Costing data to your management account system

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Job Costing Software

Synel’s Job Costing Software with its built-in Activity Tracking Solution
You have total control of Activities Costing. This Job Costing Software helps you to stay within budget, on budget & on schedule.

The Activity module allows for calculating the workforce costs and the time invested in each activity undertaken by an individual and upstream to department and the whole organisation. Now you can plan and monitor project work hours, billing hours and to analyse the time spent by activity or cost centre. This is an integral element in your mobile workforce management and it can also be implemented by an easy clocking system.

Create efficiency comparison by employees or departments. Analyse and monitor budget vs. actual.

  • Total visibility of your jobs and projects
  • Control of attendance timesheets with approval processes
  • Visibility of Work In Progress (WIP)
  • Job scheduling has never been easier.

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Why you need a Job Costing and Activity Tracking Software Solution?

Job Costing and Activity Tracking stems from the automation of manufacturing and other business processes. However, most of the companies with repeated business processes can benefit from job tracking and job costing software.

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